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Jesus: God's Failure

Late Night Drive

Not crazy about the current working title, but it's all I've got right now. YouTube video can be found here:

Here are the Lyrics:

Late night dive; on your own
Turn on the radio, pick up your cup'a joe
Follow the road

Midnight wanderer, Nux's nomad
Where have you been, what have you given,
What would you give up again?

Did you take what they sold;
Did you get what you paid for,
With the holes in your sole?

One more mile, from nowhere to no place
Better pick up your pace, before they pick up your trace
Won't you show us your real face.

Moonlight Rider, what are you running from?
Time to put down your guns, you'll never outrun you son.
When will you give up again?

So lonesome I know,
The life of a prodigal.
Is it time to come home?

Early morn, you're watching the dawn,
Turn on a dime, leave it all there behind
When will you come home again?

Did you find what He gave?
Did you take what He laid?
You bought but He paid.

So long on your own;
But lonesome no more.
Your soul will be whole.

Nux is the greek word for night.

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